Timelapse of Silanna Semiconductor facility — Pinkenba QLD

Word from Managing Director

Silanna UV’s diversity of cultures, unique expertise and talents provide the foundation for us to develop advanced technologies that are revolutionizing hygiene management and the fight against superbugs.

Robert Lobban – Managing Director, Silanna UV

Silanna UV is committed to developing advanced ultra-violet (UV) LED technologies that can be used to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses. To achieve this we place great emphasis on supporting, nurturing and empowering our people, allowing them to achieve their true potential in an inclusive, diverse and progressive working environment. At the same time we recognize the need to support local communities in which we operate, and to enforce strong corporate governance and oversight across our business.


From the way we run our business to the advanced technologies we create, Silanna UV takes its environmental commitments seriously.

Our best-in-class UV LED technologies can address everything from reducing healthcare-acquired infections and food contamination to minimizing the transmission of diseases and removing micro pollutants from drinking water. And in creating these products, Silanna focuses on minimizing its own use of natural resources and energy through innovative approaches to ‘designing for manufacture’ and investing in the latest, optimized production processes.


Silanna UV is an equal opportunity employer committed to inclusivity, diversity and equity in all aspects of its worldwide operations and demanding the same commitments from its own global suppliers and other stakeholders.

We know that people are at the heart of our success and we work hard to hire and retain individuals looking for the chance to unleash their energy, creativity and inventiveness. As well as providing challenging and rewarding roles in everything from design engineering to manufacturing and from sales to finance, our commitment to staff includes a variety of benefit and rewards packages, a collaborative, friendly and dynamic working environment and access to on-the-job and external training.

Silanna UV believes that social responsibilities go beyond its own workforce and that it has a positive role to play in the communities in which it operates. Activities that we undertake at a local level include building strong links with universities through the support of both individual students and leading-edge research.


Silanna UV operates to the highest possible standards of corporate governance and oversight across all areas of its business.

As well as robust internal controls and audit processes, we ensure full compliance with local, regional and national requirements in all of the territories in which we operate. This compliance extends to our supply chain with ongoing assessment and monitoring of suppliers and partners around the world.